Pet Boarding You Can Trust for Knoxville Cats & Dogs

It’s not always easy to leave your pet when you have to be away from home. However, when boarding your dog or cat at Cedar Bluff, your pet will be in familiar surroundings with people he or she knows. This means a more relaxed experience for all.

Pets get plenty of exercise in contained areas separate from each other so that we can closely monitor them. Our staff carefully supervises your pet’s dietary needs, and we take note of any elimination problems that need to be addressed. Occasionally, and only when they get along very well, two pets can board together in the same cage. At your request, we will bathe your cat or dog prior to pickup time.

Boarding Pets With Health Concerns

You can rest assured that in addition to providing plenty of love and care for all boarded pets, our staff is well acquainted with the special needs of diabetic or senior pets, as well as those who require frequent veterinary attention and assessment for other reasons. We have a veterinarian either on site or on call during most hours. Our wide range of in-house diagnostic tests, plus pharmacy and medical treatment options, are available in the unlikely event your pet becomes ill.

Everyone on our kennel and technician staff is highly trained to recognize the first sign of any pet health abnormalities. If you request it, we are happy to have one of our veterinarians look in on your pet during her or his stay. If your dog or cat requires extreme monitoring, we can provide that and will advise you right away if hospitalization is needed.

In order to speed up the boarding check in process, please download our Boarding Release Form. Fill the form out in its entirety and bring it with your pet.

The importance of a physical exam